About Us

Our company has carried out his professional career for over 20 years; In 1995, operating on Trade and Men's Clothing began with TÜMER DIŞ TİCARET company.
The result of the growing needs of industry and lead; In 2003, our expanding team of professionals within İNVİTE (Dogan Textile) We have added our company.
Our growing team of professionals, strong and robust infrastructure, our connection with our healthy overseas experience, we are always open to innovation and our view of the world body in 2013, with our desire to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront; Property Purchase - Sale by adding our company and all our tourism firms
TÜMER GROUP united under the roof. TÜMER GROUP companies located in and on-site; particularly Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and other Middle East countries have done with a long groove, thanks to solid business relationships based on trust is a major contributor to the national economy.
TÜMER GROUP without interrupting the current rate of growth, while advancing an innovative and professional life; customer satisfaction, with the contribution it has made to the principles of honest work and the state economy sector is always the best and most reliable company will continue to be always one step ahead of their activities in the future.

Muhittin UÇAR
TÜMER GROUP Chairman of the Board