FOREIGN TRADE: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and other existing customers and potential new customers to our all exports of textile and consultation with countries in the Middle East is stuck.

TEXTILE MANUFACTURING: 2003 Men of the Year since the quality of the clothing sector, innovative, extraordinary and special designs for shirts and T - shirts continue with production.

REAL ESTATE PURCHASE - SALES: Textiles and our experience in the foreign trade sector, your credibility, our strong infrastructure, based on our current position and our Foreign customer portfolio of real estate in all Foreign customers Purchase - Sale transactions are carried out.

TOURISM: Both the company and our customers as well as guests from different firms Abroad customers and guests; Airport Service, elite and elite hotels in the Hotel Booking service in viable option, belonging to our company present luxurious and comfortable late-model car with our car hire service to Istanbul's historical, cultural, are social and fun place to City Tour and guidance services.