Herodotus, the first historian of the ancient era (490-420 BC) wrote in his book History of Herodotus Uludag, "Olympos" Olympos switches and Lydian king Croesus's son tells of the tragedy Atys live. 400 years after Herodotus was born in Amasya geographer Strabo (64 BC-AD 21) wrote in his book Geography Uludag consisting of 17 books, and is referred to as Mysia Olympos Olympos. Strabo; "Mysia" In the name of the original Lydia'lı indicates that the means beech tree. After Christianity was the official religion of the Roman Empire in the 3rd century after Uludag first began to be established monasteries where monks and monasteries number has increased to the highest level in the 8th century. valleys and hills in between Deliçay with Lotus tea in Uludag was founded 28 monasteries. Orhan Gazi, Bursa was received after a long siege and inhabited by monks in the mountains while leaving a part of the monastery, some place to Doglia father, Geyikli father has been retreats of Muslim dervishes as Abdal Murat. After the conquest of Bursa, Turkey on the mountain, "Monk Mountain" gave the name. In the 16th century German traveler from Bursa Uludag Reinhold Lubena indicates that Turkey after passing into the hands of the monks to worship only during the day they go to the mountains and the monastery made by stone walls without mortar. "Olympos Mysios" or "mountain monk", 1925 Bursa Provincial Geographical Society's initiative and enthusiasm with the proposal Osman Bey "Uludag" which took its name.