According to the known documents written in 1200 BC with the arrival of the Phrygians , a settlement as mentioned Sapanca truly M.S. It was founded in 378 by Bithynians . For the first time in 391 years a source of Laz Siphonensis Lacus name was used. Buanes during the Eastern Roman Empire , was known as Sofh and Sofhang name . Sapanca and history around 1075 in the Anatolian Seljuks came to the area began to be called Ayan and Ayanköy name . Crusaders region after the expedition is re- Byzantine history . In 1640 Erzurum seyyahat to go out of town last Evliya Celebi provides the following information about the town: " Because once walked izmitli an old plow clearing the forests and bushes where the Sabanci husband installed a village by name. Then when the time came to town has become increasingly Built Suleiman the Magnificent